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Our team of qualified experts bring over 30 years of experience in exterior waterproofing, painting, concrete repairs, railing replacement, window replacement, sliding door replacement, deck coatings, designer epoxy floors, vinyl siding, commercial power washing, EIFS, Dryvit, Parex and Stucco.

Complete Exterior Renovation Expert

  • Commercial Exterior Painting - Hotel, Condominium, Restaurant, Business
  • Exterior Building Face lifts and Improvements
  • Façade Inspection and Renovation
  • Waterproofing, Caulking and Joint Sealant
  • Deck Coatings - Walkways, Balconies, and Pool Decks
  • Specialty Coating's - Waterproof, Self Cleaning, and Textured
  • EIFS – Dryvit – Parex – Stucco Installation and Repair
  • Replacements Entry Door, Fire and Security Door
  • Replacements Sliding Glass Door
  • Replacement Windows
  • Deck and Balcony Repair - Wood, Concrete, Metal
  • Stairwells Repair and Replacement - Wood, Concrete, Metal
  • Concrete and Masonry Repairs and Restoration
  • Railing Replacement - Aluminum, Composite, or Wood
  • Composite Deck Systems, Vinyl Siding, and Roofing
  • Designer Epoxy Floor Installation – Solid Color, Metallic, and 3D
  • Weekly Property Maintenance Programs
  • Power-Washing – Spring Wash Down Service
  • Flood, Fire, Wind and Smoke 24-Hour Restoration Clean Up

Commercial Renovation Contractor

  • Exterior Paint Experts for Commercial Buildings
  • Waterproofing, Caulking and Sealants for Commercial Buildings
  • Concrete Repair
  • EIFS Repair - (Exterior Insulation Finish System)
  • STUCCO and Textured Systems Repaired and Installed
  • New Door Replacement and Installation
  • New Window Replacement and Installation
  • Deck and Floor Coatings - Walkways, Pools, Kitchens, and Parking Garages
  • Commercial Restoration Contractor

    • Fire Damage
    • Flood Damage
    • Wind Damage
    • Smoke Damage
    • Crime Scene Damage
    • Accident Scene Damage
    • 24-Hour Disaster Recovery Team

    Concrete Repair

    Cost-effective, sturdy, versatile – it's no wonder use of concrete in commercial and residential construction is increasing. One reason for the continued increase in concrete use is that architects and developers are discovering that this reliable old stand-by is ideal for far more than walls and floors. With the right mix of skill and knowledge, concrete can be intricately textured, colored and patterned for a multitude of strikingly beautiful uses, from gracious lobbies, pool surrounds and patios to handsome pillars, columns and even countertops.

    Like a hand-in-glove, concrete and coatings belong together. Whether the function of the concrete coating is decorative or protective – or a combination of both – coatings and decorative finishes can enhance concrete surfaces in ways that impart style, improve longevity and increase client satisfaction with the project - along the way transforming a dull, colorless expanse into a noteworthy design element.

    Conditioners can go a long way toward preparing a concrete surface for top coating, before any coating is applied, some simple steps should be taken to assure a proper bond. Most coating failures occur not because of improper coating application, but because of inadequate surface preparation. For a coating to properly adhere to a concrete surface, the surface must be clean, dry, dull, sound, and free of surface defects such as cracks or spalling. These areas should be repaired using the appropriate patching compounds. The surface to be coated should have a slightly rough profile – approximately equivalent to a piece of 120-grit sandpaper.

    Be sure to clean the concrete to remove any grease, oil, dirt, old paint or other contaminants, using one of the methods recommended by the manufacturer of the coatings you will be using for the job. It's important that the surface is properly prepared so that it is compatible with and receptive to the specific coatings you plan to apply, so be sure to check your tech data pages. Pebble blasting, power washing, acid etching or cleaning with a commercial concrete cleaning agent are among the methods that may be recommended.


    Keep walls and facades looking great and long lasting while meeting high industry standards for durability and aesthetics. Together we can accomplish the following tasks:

    EIFS system diagram
    • Deliver dispersion-based and cementitious systems for manufacturers of EIFS/ETICS and renders;
    • Enhance longevity and aesthetics of energy-efficient facade systems with acrylic emulsion polymers and silicone materials designed to enhance UV resistance and color protection and deliver reliable protection from water intrusion and mechanical impact;
    • Boost the performance and efficiency of interior and exterior renders with weather resistance and on-site workability to help end-users drive down application time and minimize issues such as cracking;
    • Increase performance of cement-based renders with cellulose ethers that support air void stability, good workability, temperature tolerance and minimal retardation;
    • Ease workability, increase efficiency and improve abrasion resistance and surface appearance with a wide range of materials for gypsum-based applications;
    • Improve adhesion and strength for fiber cement applications with acrylic emulsion binders and additives for facade panels, and silicone hydrophobers for coated and uncoated substrates;
    • EIFS, or exterior insulation and finish system, is your best choice when you want design flexibility, aesthetic appeal, and energy saving. EIFS systems have an air and weather-resistive barrier as well as an insulation board. You can count on our experts to properly install or repair your EIFS system. Call now and schedule a Free Estimate.

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